The Land of Good Dreams series

The Land of Good Dreams (Book 1)⠀⠀⠀

Just when she lost everything,

….a mysterious world of light welcomes her in.

For Samantha, life isn’t fair, not even close. Now in new foster care, and a new school, emptiness and loneliness consume her.

This new family has promise, but it’s hard for her to hope for things. Can this family’s love be enough to give Samantha a chance to start over? The chronic nightmares are not helping. If only she could end the suffering of reliving that tragic night, unable to alter the outcome.

In an unexpected twist of events, Samantha finds herself in The Land of Good Dreams. Where animals talk, flowers giggle, and light overcomes darkness. This world offers her amazing adventures with unique friendships, especially with the boy she shares a close connection with.  There is something special about this place, and the more time she spends there, the spark of hope grows.

If you love uplifting stories and engaging characters, with some enchanting fantasy, this book is for you.

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The Dream Lures: A Land of Good Dreams novel (Book 2)⠀⠀⠀

She watched him disappear, leaving her with one question…

Was he real?

Samantha has a lot of questions. She discovers a secret about her foster parents in an old book. Tensions rise as old wounds are opened. Samantha hopes her foster parents can work through their struggles to keep this new family together.

Bumping into a cute guy is the start of high school for Samantha. As her relationship with him grows, so does inner turmoil as her mind drifts to the boy in her dreams.

The Land of Good Dreams adventure continues. Other worlds open up as friendships grow and trust is built. But not all teens have shared their secrets why they are in The Land of Good Dreams.

If you loved the first book, this next one will wrap you around the characters even more. The Land of Good Dreams’ enchanting fantasy unfolds deeper into this magical world of light.

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The Legend of the Five: A Land of Good Dreams Novel (Book 3)⠀⠀⠀

How to tell your closest friends you might not make it…

That is the question that torments Josh.

Can the world of light provide the courage to face one’s deepest fears?

The five teens discover a hidden place in The Land of Good Dreams with a legend carved into the wall. One of them knows it’s about them as they harbor a painful secret they have yet to share among the others.

Samantha continues to grow closer to her foster family, but how will she handle the unexpected event she wasn’t prepared for?

This uplifting story continues to deepen their friendships, heal their brokenness, and prepare them for what is coming.

If you loved the first two books, this next one will pull you into the series on a whole new level and reveal more depths of all your favorite characters. The Land of Good Dreams’ magical world of light awaits you.

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