Meet the model cast for the Land of Good Dreams

Photography by Passionate Portraits

I have read countless novels where the people on the cover did not match the description of the characters in the book. This contrast made it a struggle to visualize them while reading, and it quickly became a pet peeve of mine as a reader. 

It took over three months to find the right models to be on the book cover. Did the models look the part? I was firm on this when it came to this book. The cover must be true to the story. 

The models did a great job dressing for their part, having stayed true to their characters. Hair and makeup was done professionally and the photo shoot was a success. 

Marquita Chambers
Artistry by Marquita Beauty Services

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa Styles

Model: Ava  Dusci

Anastasia is a delicate girl who loves to dance. She is excited to have friends she can  play with.

Miss Carminda,
a yellow parakeet

Model: Brycin Holland

Clyde is shy at first but a true and caring friend to the others.



Miss Haven,
a golden eagle

Model: Kalynne Dunnick

Samantha is a tomboy who keeps to herself. She has a shattered heart that seems unmendable. 

Mr. Midnight,
a black wolf

Model: David Silvius

Josh lives every minute to the fullest. He is also like a protective big brother over Matthew. 

Mr. Peppy,
a big brown bear

Model: Logan Plassman

Matthew is different from the others. He tends to explore a lot, and he is close to Josh. The two are outgoing boys. 

Miss Courage,
a cougar