Book Reviewers Group

Book Reviewers Group

Do you want to read my books for free in exchange for an honest review?

I’m looking for a team of review fans for my books. This entails the commitment to reviewing a book in 30 days or less upon receipt of it. I’m looking for reviews to be posted on Amazon, GoodReads, BookBub, plus your social media outlets.

How the review program works.

Reviewers will receive one eBook at a time. Once you review that book within the 30-day turnaround period, you are eligible to request another book.  

If you are interested in joining this select group of book reviewers, start by filling out the form. 



How do reviewers get selected?

To be considered for the reviewer’s group is heavily based on your written description of why you think you would be a good fit for this book review group. Your book review history and social media presence all weigh in.

Who in the group gets books first?

Those who have been faithful in reviewing the books they have already received in a timely fashion (30-day turnaround period) will be eligible first for other books and new releases because they have shown to be a reliable book reviewer in the group. If you want to guarantee you get selected for more books, then you must read and review each book you are sent within that 30-day window.

What happens if I want to review a book but can’t do it in 30 days?

30 days is a reasonable turnaround for a book and many readers complete books in just a few days. If you do not think you can read and review the book in 30 days, then either wait till you know you have a good clear month to commit to reading or you can purchase the book and place your review once you have read it.

Can I get physical books?

Due to the cost of printing and shipping books, only eBooks are sent out for this program.

What format is the eBook in?

All eBooks are sent out in EPUB format. If you need a MOBI, just request that format, or the generic EPUB will be sent out.

What if I do not have a kindle or an eBook reader?

No worries as there is a free Kindle app that you can download to your phone and computer for easy reading. Here is the link to find out all about it. This is how I read eBooks on my phone so I can take my stories with me anywhere I go.

How do I get my eBook?

All eBooks are emailed from so to avoid the email going into your spam folder, please add this email to your contacts. Also, search through your spam folder, and if you find an email from that address in there, mark it as not spam to avoid future emails from going into this junk folder.